Can Diet Help With Balding?

Video Transcript

One of the most common questions we get is whether your diet affects balding. Now, a lot of studies have been coming out on whether diet is contributing to balding, and it’s still unclear, but there’s some really cool evidence that’s been coming to the forefront. Now for 40 years, the focus has been on testosterone and DHT has been the main driver of androgen alopecia, that’s male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness. However, the role of inflammation is really becoming more evident. We’ve seen some companies develop anti-inflammatory medications, such as JAK inhibitors that are meant to target male pattern baldness and slow it down. What exactly is the role of inflammation in balding? We may not find out.

However, one of the biggest studies on diet and inflammation and balding has come out of Italy in 2018. In this study, they took 104 people with balding and 108 people without balding, and they compare them over time. They found that dinners rich in vegetables and herbs reduced the risk of balding, and in their conclusions stated that this may be the beginning of understanding the role of inflammation in balding because obviously heavy vegetables and herbs are related to inflammation. Now medical research is relatively flawed. For every single study that comes out, you’re going to have critics and supporters. In this study it was pretty obvious to say that they don’t know what the other factors were involved in these people decreasing the rate of balding. However, we do know that food was a part of that conversation. It’s going to be nice to see future studies come out on whether balding is affected by your diet. For right now, I would assume that a healthy diet improves all aspects of your life.

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