Do you maintenance treatment after a hair transplant?


You have some hair restoration surgery, and now that your big day is all done, you are wondering if you still have to maintain your treatment. Can you just stop and leave it up for a while? Do you need to continue your hair maintenance treatment after a hair loss procedure?

The answer is simple, yes. Hair transplantation or hair loss surgery is just part of the process. And while hair maintenance requirements depend on what type of procedure was performed and how long ago, you will generally still need to continue the maintenance process for some time after the procedure.

Why Hair Maintenance Treatments Matter

Your hair maintenance therapies are essential to maintaining the hairs on your head, as they also contribute to your hair restoration results. Therefore, it’s important to pay close attention to and consistently follow your maintenance routine to ensure that your hair continues to look natural over time.

A hair loss procedure can help increase the thickness of your hair, but it doesn’t address the underlying cause of your thinning: damaged follicles and follicle receptors. The more often you have treatments, the more likely your hair will continue to grow strong and healthy. In addition, the more regular your treatments are, the less time each one will take.

How Early After a Procedure Is Early Enough?

You can restart your minoxidil and laser cap treatments to help your hair restoration and maintenance three weeks after your procedure. You can also start with your PRP treatments, as it does help with the healing process by adding more nutrients and oxygen to the area. It also helps promote healing after surgery by increasing blood flow to the area so that it can heal faster and stronger than before.

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