How we determine how much hair loss you going to loose in the future

Video Transcript

As a hair transplant specialist, there’s two main things that I look at to determine how much hair you’re going to lose in the future. Number one is how you look today. Depending on your hair and how much hair loss you’ve had and how fast it’s progressing, I can get an impression of how much hair loss you’re going to have, such that if you’re in your twenties and you have significant recession in your temples and a thinning crown, I’m going to predict that your hair loss pattern is going to be pretty significant and you’ll have a larger area of loss versus someone who is 50 and has just some recession of the hairline, who I would say has a slow pattern of loss.

The second thing we do in our office to determine how much hair you’re going to lose is using trichoscopy. This is a magnified view of the hair and its root. With trichoscopy, we can actually see how testosterone is affecting the hairs. Remember that testosterone binds the hair follicle and causes it to slowly thin over time. Hairs don’t actually fall out. And this process happens over the course of years. Such that if we use a modified view of your hair root, we can sometimes see thinning in areas where it looks like you have normal hair. If we see this thinning, we can say that this area is susceptible. However, we don’t know how fast it’s going to progress, which is why we go back to your clinical history and determine that.

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