Does Micro FUE heal faster?

Video Transcript

Hello everybody. It’s Dr. Vinay Rawlani. In today’s video I want to talk to you about whether or not Micro FUE heals faster than FUE and if it’s something you should be taking into consideration. So I will tell you that Micro FUE does heal faster than FEU. However, the change in pace of healing may be negligible and something you don’t really need to consider. Remember, if you were just taking out individual hairs, we’re using a sharp cylindrical blade of different sizes to get the hairs out. In Micro FUE we’re changing that process into a suction and vibration technique. We’re taking out hairs a little bit less trauma dramatically that may allow them to heal faster.

For Micro FUE we’re also doing something called sequential extraction. That means that we’re changing bit sizes based upon the type of hairs we’re getting. If we’re getting a single hair graft, a double hair graft, triple hair graft, or four, in Micro FUE we’re doing something else called sequential extraction that does help the healing process to some degree. Sequential extraction is when we go out and use different size bits for different hairs, such that when we go out and get single hair grafts, we use one size blade. When we go to double hair grafts, we use the second size blade, third and fourth, sorry, three and four hair grafts we use a different size blade.

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