What services does Northwestern Hair offer?

Video Transcript

Hello, everybody. This is Dr. Vinay from Northwestern Hair. A lot of questions I get right off the bat are, “What services does Northwestern Hair offer?” Now, Northwestern Hair is a medical practice that focuses on solely hair restoration. We’re not like a typical hair restoration clinic where you can walk in, talk to a salesperson, get your procedure and be along your way. We offer a more comprehensive approach. During your consultation, you’re going to meet with a physician. We’re going to get down to the exact cause of your hair loss. We want to get your hair as healthy as possible, right from the get-go.

When you go through your procedure, we’re really focused on natural and discrete hair restorations using Micro FUE and Discrete FUE, although we do offer a basic FUE ourselves. Afterwards, we’re really focusing on hair health and hair maintenance. Those hairs that are already healthy, we want to keep them around for longer, get them contributing to your results, so you don’t have to go through as many procedures later in your life. In terms of what we offer, we offer the full gamut of hair restoration services to each one of our clients. During your consultation, we’ll figure out exactly which one of those is most beneficial to you.

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