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The most powerful Laser Cap availAble

Northwestern Medicine
The Wall Street Journal
Harvard Medical School

3X Stronger Than Any Other Laser Cap

3x Prescription Strength

With 3x the power, our laser cap is the only true prescription cap available.

Pulsed Therapy

Precisely timed pulses of light produce a greater biological effect.

Real Laser Cap Results

How it works

It’s called photomedicine. Single spectrum red light excites hair follicles, increases metabolism and stimulates hair growth.

Your Commitment

Have fuller, thicker hair in just 90 minutes a week. Can be spilt into 3-4 sessions. Combine Laser Cap with Rx Topical at home and/or PRP in the clinic.

Clinical Studies

Clinically-proven through more than 100 studies, Laser Cap stimulates hair growth for increased fullness and density.

Why choose this option

1) If would prefer to get your treatment done in 2-4 sessions a week at home. 2) If you want to improve the results from Rx-Topical or PRP.


Includes laser cap, battery, charger, case and shipping.
Lifetime Warranty directly from Laser Cap.

 Dress it up

The Rx Laser Cap fits nicely under 8.5 inch or adjustable sized baseball cap.

Invented by Doctors

Meet Drs. Haber, Smith, Hablin and Rabin – MIT engineer, Harvard dermatologist, world-renowned hair doctor and inventor of the Laser Cap. Dr. Hablin alone has 400 scientific publications on photomedicine.

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Don’t Lose It!

Keep the hair you have.

50% of hair is gone by the time you see it thinning.

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