Estimate Your Procedure Cost

1) Determine how many grafts you need

2) Choose your procedure

 Cost Effective

Standard FUE 

The same procedure you find in the community, but performed by Northwestern Hair’s team to give you peace of mind. Scheduled on days we have open availability to help lower costs.


Northwestern FUE

A personalized hybrid of FUE, MicroFUETM and DiscreteFUETM to achieve the absolute best result possible. We handle everything so your procedure and aftercare fit seamlessly into your life.

3) Calculate the cost


Standard FUE

You choose the date of your procedure from our availability, but you may be rescheduled. Out of courtesy, we will not reschedule you more than 3 times or within a week of your scheduled date.

  • Enter Graft Count


Northwestern FUE

Estimate includes FUE and MicroFUETM techniques. DiscreteFUETM may be substituted for MicroFUETM if clinically appropriate for an additional fee. Please consult with our physicians directly.

  • Enter Graft Count

4) Consider financing through CareCredit


6 months, no interest (APR 26.99%)
24 months, lowest interest (APR 14.9%)
36 months, lowest payment (APR 15.9%)

Calculate Payment

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