Treat hair loss in your salon with Vellus


Our Treatments


Based upon scientific research of 5 leading hair supplements, we’ve put all clinically proven ingredients in one nutraceutical.


Send us your client’s pictures online for our doctors for review. We’ll mail your clients a personalized prescription serum or tablet.

Clinical Procedures

When indicated, our doctor can meet your clients in-person and discuss minimally invasive and natural hair transplantation.

Partner with Vellus to offer your clients exclusive access to hair loss treatments. Our treatments are clinically proven that are the best in their category.

Vellus Hair Loss Levels: We simplified hair loss

Level One: Strength

For the hairs at risk for hair loss.

Goal: Strengthen hairs.

Treatment: Vellus hair loss supplement with clinically proven ingredients to improve hair health.

Where: Available in your salon


Level Two: Regrow

For the very first sings of hair loss.

 Goal: Regrow hairs

 Treatment: Personalized prescriptions topical or tablets known to slow and reverse hair loss.

Where: Online form our doctors.


Level Three: Augment

For visible signs of hair loss.

Goal: Augment by adding healthy hairs

Treatment: Minimally invasive hair transplant by nationally renowned doctors

Where: At Northwester Hair


How it works

Step 1

Carry Vellus’ hair supplement in your salon. It has a QR code to connect your clients with our doctors online


Step 2

Tell clients to scan the QR code and give them your personal Vellus code.


Step 3

We’ll prescribe the appropriate treatment for you clients and pay you appropriately for check on them.


Get paid the like the pros

Level One


When you sell the Level One Hair Supplement in your salon, use your normal commission structure.


If your clients subscribe to Level One through Vellus, you’ll recieve $10 per order they place. 


Level Two and Three

When your clients sign up for a subscription online for Level One, Two or Three, you earn a management fee. Just ask how your client’s hair loss treatment is going during your appointments.


$5/month for each client for as long as they stay on treatment.

For example, earn an additional $500/month for every 100 clients we share


$500 for each hair transplantation

Just ask how clients are doing during your appointments