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The Gold Standard in FUE Hair Replacement

FUE is proven and reliable. MicroFUE is just a lot better! It took our team over 25 years to develop the skills to perform MicroFUE. We’re still the only clinic to offer it in the Midwest and the results and benefits are clear.

More natural results

MicroFUE hair grafts are 2-5x smaller than FUE, so we can transplant at least twice as many grafts to the same area. This means we can easily collect grafts with one and two hairs, reducing the use of grafts with three or four hairs, which can look like plugs. The microFUE result is a natural and full hairline rather than dense hairline you may typically see in FUE.

Healthier grafts

MicroFUE grafts are much smaller than standard FUE. They require less effort by your body to keep alive because smaller tissue means less metabolic demand placed on your body. In FUE, hair survival can range from 72% to 98%. With microFUE, the survival rate is close to 95-99%. This reduces the risk of ‘over-graft’ and hair that looks unnatural.

Smoother scalp

All hair grafts are normally surrounded by fat. As a natural consequence of being transplanted, some of this fat can die and leave a noticeable divot in your scalp. Micro-grafts only have tiny amounts of fat, so it’s extremely rare to see a divot.

More grafts, Less scarring

MicroFUE instruments are at 2-5x smaller than standard FUE. This means we can collect more hairs in the same area compared to FUE. It also means that microFUE has 2-5x less injury and 2-5x less scarring than standard FUE. In the picture, you can compare 25 FUE grafts versus 50 microFUE grafts.

No injury to nearby hairs

FUE punches are large and can damage nearby hairs in the back of your head. You need these hairs to keep the area looking natural and for future transplants. Even the most highly skilled technicians using the FUE method damage nearby hairs 25-40% of the time which can significantly affect the final outcome.

Less shock loss

Inflammation can cause active, living donor hairs to fall out during surgery. This is called shock loss. It can happen when the fat tissue surrounding your hair grafts dies after your procedure. Micro-grafts only have tiny amounts of fat, so the shock loss effect is a lot less prominent than with standard FUE.

There is FUE. And Then There’s microFUE.

FUE by
NeoGraft or SmartGraft



Hair collection with NeoGraft or SmartGraft

Hair collection with NeoGraft or SmartGraft.

Microextraction for up to 5x smaller punches for faster healing, better grafts and no injury to nearby hairs.

Twice the number of grafts and one half the scarring.



Microscopic screen of each follicle.

Microscopic screen of each follicle.

Follicular lipectomy (fat removal) for slimmer grafts that place less metabolic demand on the body and that are more likely to survive.

Physiologic support of follicles using organ transplant fluid that provides energy and nutrients to grafts while outside the body to improve survivability.



Naturally designed hair lines.

Hand implanted grafts.

Platelet activation (same as PRP)

Naturally designed hair lines.

Hand implanted grafts.

Platelet activation (same as PRP)

Less bulky grafts that implant better without bulging fat that can dislodge grafts.



Excellent, natural-appearing results.


Excellent, natural-appearing results

Higher graft survival for stronger hairlines and more density.

Optimal maintenance of natural hair density by decreasing inflammation and shock loss caused by dying fat cells, which have been removed. 

Less divots in your scalp left by fat cells that have died away.

Less injury to the hair collection site and optimal preservation of remaining donor hairs for future use.



Budget conscious clients who want the best result possible from FUE from trusted world-class physician at Northwestern.


For clients who want the best possible result from the most advanced hair restoration procedure available. 

Which option is best for you?


FUE by SmartGraft and NeoGraft are highly efficient and cost-effective.


Micro-FUE uses all the clinical advancements known to improve results.


Micro-FUE and our no-buzz cut hair collection hide any sign of harvesting.

Don’t Lose It!

Keep the hair you have.

50% of hair is gone by the time you see it thinning.

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