Hair loss is personal

Let’s personalize how we TReat it

The Latest Breakthroughs in Hair Loss.

Designed Specifically for Women

Three Hair Maintenance Options

Personalized Rx Haircare, Delivered

Customized combinations of minoxidil, latanoprost, sprinolactone and more made-to-order specifically for women and delivered to your door. All-in-one topical hair-stimulating medication prescribed online, no appointment needed.


Rx Laser Cap with 3x the power

Rx Laser Cap – the original and only prescription laser cap. At 3x power compared to any other cap, this is the most effective laser cap for women. Prescribed online, no appointment needed.


PRP + Microneedling

Fast, one-hour PRP treatment with microneedling for maximum hair follicle stimulation. Minimal discomfort and downtime. After a series of initiation treatments, maintain results with one session per year. 


Three Hair Replacement Options



No-Haircut Micro-FUE.

Hair transplant options designed for women. We’re the only clinic in Chicago with all the tools and techniques to camouflage your hair replacement procedure.


Not sure which treatment is right for you? 

Try our virtual state-of-the hair analysis and get recommendations from our medical experts. Your only commitment is $100 which can be used towards any recommended treatment.

Don’t Lose It!

Keep the hair you have.

50% of hair is gone by the time you see it thinning.

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