Laser Hair Therapy

Is Laser Hair Therapy Safe?

If you’re considering using our Sunetics™ Low-Level Laser Light Therapy, you may be wondering whether this type of hair loss treatment is safe. The answer is a definitive yes, and here’s why.  

The Sunetics™ laser uses visible red light to stimulate hair growth. This means it does not emit any radiation, UV, infrared light, or other types of harmful rays. The Sunetics™ laser technology has also been approved by the FDA, meaning it’s gone through rigorous safety testing prior to arriving on the market. We’ve outlined some of the most common safety concerns our laser and laser cap patients ask us below.

Is The Laser Harmful

No, the laser is not harmful. The Sunetics™ laser penetrates the skin, but at a very shallow level, usually less than 5-6 millimeters. This means the light from the laser cannot reach your skull or anywhere else inside your body. It simply treats thinning hair and receding hairlines.

Is There A Burn Risk?

No, there is not a burn risk with Sunetics™. The low-level light in Sunetics™ is not capable of producing anywhere near enough heat to cause burns. Patients often report that they feel a slight heat sensation during light treatment. This is because the Sunetics™ laser increases the metabolism of the hair follicles, which in turn increases blood flow to the head. This part of the treatment is normal and does not cause any risk for burns.

Can You Overuse The Laser?

No. The laser has a time limit for each session, meaning it will stop automatically after either the 20 or 30-minute mark, depending on your preferences. Additionally, using the laser multiple days in a row will not cause any harmful side effects.

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