The healthier, more natural FUE.


Minimally Invasive Collection by Reticular Oscillation

Hairs need more than follicles to be healthy. They also need oil glands and connecting tissue. FUE hairs can end up dry, frizzy, kinked or dead because FUE blades and tweezers can cut and crush vital structures during collection. To deliver more natural results, Micro FUETM uses vibration and suction, instead of blades and tweezers, to gently collect healthier hairs.

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Healthier Hairs

FUE hairs can look unnatural, and some may not survive the procedure. We are impressed how much smoother and healthier Micro FUETM hairs appear.

More Natural Hair Lines

With healthier hairs, hair lines look more natural and are easier to keep looking natural forever. That’s because we use less grafts so you have more left over for the future.

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More Natural Density

High density grafts in FUE can look like sprouts of grass or mini plugs. With micro-grafting, we can create density that looks natural.


FUE vs Micro FUETM

Watch our doctors compare Micro FUETM to traditional FUE. MicroFUETM caused 50% less injury to hairs. You can see why Micro FUETM hairs would be healthier.

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Expect More

More hairs survive with Micro FUETM. That means you can you can expect better results and feel secure that you saved grafts for the future.

Fewer Procedures

There’s no need for a 2-day procedure and their inherently negative impact your results. Micro FUETM is minimally invasive so we can perform 3,000-5,000 grafts in one session.

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Courtesy of Dr. Vivek Bansal

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    Are there any limitations I should know about before opting for a Micro FUE procedure?

    Yes, Micro FUE procedures are still not as standardized as the basic FUE alternative. The procedure will therefore be slightly different depending on where you decide to have your procedure done at.


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    How does the Micro FUE differ from other hair transplant methods?

    The Micro FUE procedure is a newer method of hair transplantation that brings a new dimension to the technology of hair restoration. It offers a more natural result, one that is less invasive, less painful and more comfortable to the patient.


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