What are the limitations of a Micro FUE?

Video Transcript

Vinay Rawlani from Northwestern Hair. In today’s video, I want to talk to you about the limitations of Micro FUE and the setbacks that it’s going to face in the next couple of years. Now remember, Micro FUE was an improvement upon FUE. It looked at FUE and found out that about one third of patients were experiencing dry, frizzy hairs, and it really went to attack that to make results more natural. Micro FUE allowed for a ancillary procedure called Discrete FUE to perform the same natural procedure without need for a buzz cut and possibly transfer a full length hair. So the limitations of Micro itself are still this; it’s a customized procedure. The technology’s not relatively available. Another video, we talked about how we combine two to three technologies based upon the person, everything down from the bit that we use to get the hairs out to the way the hairs are preserved is a kind of a customized approach. So it’s not quite [widespreadly] used.

There are clinics across the world that use different variations of Micro, maybe called Trivellini or safe, what have you, but the technique is still kind of limited to kind of a group of clinics. That means that there’s less minds behind it saying, how can we improve it? Now Micro however, is opening up doors to something called Discrete FUE, the ability to now do the transplant without a buzz cut, transfer full length hairs to get you an immediate preview of your results and kind of back to work in just a couple days. So I would say the primary limitations are just its availability right now. We have not even opened up the opportunity for other physicians to tell us how it can be used for more benefit.

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