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Back to work the next day. Healed in 7-10 days.

transplant and healing in time for the wedding

Important Event in 7 days?  You Should Go

Seven days before standing up in a wedding, Dr. Vinay took the challenge of getting a transplant and healing in time for the wedding. He documented his journey and proved that you can heal in 7 days.

Post-procedure Restrictions

Activity | Exercise | Sex

You can start light activity on Day 2 but no sweating or straining. On Day 5, you can sweat, but still no straining. On Day 10, sweating and moderate straining is fine. At 3 weeks, anything goes.


You can shower the next day but don’t get your hair wet. On Day 2, you’ll use soap and water to wash your hair. On Day 10, you can shower normally.


Depends on the type of work. You will have a dressing on for 2 days but you can work the next day. For physical labor, see our activity/exercise instructions.


For almost all people, pain is minimal. Usually by the next day, all you will need is Tylenol.


Minimize sun exposure for 5 days. On Day 5, you can wear a cap if you are in the sun. At 3 weeks, all is good but sunscreen is best.

Wearing Hats

You can wear a cap starting Day 5 but make sure the brim doesn’t touch your new hairs. At 3 weeks, anything goes.


Swelling is only noticeable when hairs are placed in front of the ear. It peaks at day 4-5 and is gone by day 8-10.


It is very rare to have a bruise.


Infections are rare but we place everyone on anti-biotics.

How Healing Looks


Crown Immediately


Crown Day – 2

Day 2

Crown Day - 5

Day 5

Crown Day - 10

Day 10


Hairline Micro Day – Immediately


Hairline Micro Day - 2

Day 2

Hairline Micro Day - 5

Day 5

Healing after FUE Hair Replacement

Day 10

Hair Collection Area

Healing before FUE Hair Replacement


Healing After FUE Hair Replacement

Day 2

Healing After FUE Hair Replacement

Day 5

Healing After FUE Hair Replacement

Day 10

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