Conceal your procedure and immediately preview your results.

Leave No Evidence

DiscreteFUETM procedures have the same great results as Micro FUETM, but your healing phase is inconspicuous because there is no buzz cut.

before and after fue hair restoration chicago il
no shave fue transplant photos chicago

Preview Results Immediately

With Discrete FUETM, we can transfer full-length hairs. This gives us an immediate preview of your results so we can achieve exactly what you want.

Hair Replacement in a Day

Watch Andrew get his Discrete FUETM and go back to normal life the very next day without anyone suspecting a thing.

before and after no shave fue chicago

Not a Choppy “No Shave” FUE

Your hair can look choppy after a traditional “No-Shave” FUE. With Discrete FUETM, your procedure is concealed and naturally-smooth appearing.

Ideal for Women

Discrete FUETM is an excellent option for women seeking hair restoration. After your procedure, you can wear your hair any way you please.

photos of fue hair restoration chicago

concealing your procedure

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    Is a buzz cut necessary to have my hair replacement procedure done?

    No, it is not necessary to have a buzz cut before your hair replacement procedures. In fact, you get just as good a result or better when you go for our alternate procedures instead.


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    Can I have my hair transplant procedure if I have long hair?

    Yes, you can. With our Discreet FUE method, it is possible to have your hair replacement done without cutting your long hair.


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    Will I have to get a buzz cut before hair my transplant procedure?

    No, you don’t have to get a buzz cut before the procedure. However, unless you’re getting a discreet FUE, it is common practice to have a short haircut before the hair transplant procedure.


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