Do You Need To Shave Your Head For A Hair Transplant?


Video Transcript

So you’re considering a hair transplant procedure and you’re wondering if you have to shave your head to get it done. The answer is no, but there are some benefits to having your head shaved. Well, I like to tell you from the very beginning, we don’t shave the top of your head or the area that we put platelets into. So if you were thinking that we shave your entire head, we don’t. During a transplantation procedure, we use a cylindrical blade that has to slide over a hair before we can core it out. The longer the hair is the harder it is to do that process. So what we tell people is we like to shave the back and sides of the head. This gives us full visibility of all the hairs that are available to us and allows us to easily extract the graphs. And we can get a very large number of graphs if that’s what you need.

However, some people want this procedure to be very discreet. They don’t want the haircut. We can actually do a discreet PUE. In this case, we use a special blade that doesn’t have to slide over hairs, but can remove them without having them to be cut. We can actually do the procedure fully concealed. The limitation here is the number of graphs we can achieve because now we’re working in between hairs and we don’t have a full field of view. It’s a very nice procedure because you can just walk out of our office like nothing had happened. However, it does limit us in the number of graphs we can get.

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