Just show up. We will handle the rest.


Same A-Team Every Time 

Led by doctors and trichologists (hair specialists) with over 20 years experience, we’re one team that performs every single procedure. We have yet to see better results produced any other way.

Video: Dr. Vinay’s Procedure Day

Our doctor got a hair transplant at Northwestern Hair to prove we have one of the best teams and procedures in the country. Watch his entire day. 

Relax. We Take Care of Everything.

While skilled hands work on your scalp, our support staff makes your procedure a worry-free experience. From wardrobe to aftercare, we’ve got it covered, including lunch.

Clinical. Luxurious. Private.

Our procedures are performed at a private clinic 3 blocks from Northwestern Hospital. Each room is equipped with state of the art technology and the amenities of a luxury hotel.

Summary of your day

1) Review your goals

You will meet our transplant team and we will review all of your goals

2) PRoFEssional HairCUT

Our professional barber will make your buzzcut look as good as possible.

3) Numbing Medication

We numb your scalp. It may be slightly uncomfortable, but you will not feel anything afterwards.

4) Collection of Hair Grafts

While you lay on your stomach, we will collect individual grafts for 2-4 hours.

5) Evaluate Hair Grafts

We evaluate every hair graft as it is collected to ensure that it is healthy.


We will order from your favorite restaurant so that you an our team can have a relaxing break.

7) Numbing Again

Before we start inserting grafts, we numb the scalp at the placement site.


We dedicate an entire step to designing the placement and direction of hairs.

9) Insert new hair grafts

Now that placement and direction of hairs are set, our team will insert the hairs.

676 N. St Clair, Suite 1575
Chicago, IL 60605