Is A Hair Transplant Painful?


Video Transcript

So you want to get a hair transplantation, but you’re wondering if it’s painful because you don’t want to go through that. Well, I can tell you in our office, there are two parts of the procedure which are uncomfortable, not painful. And ironically, these are when we’re injecting the numbing medication to make the rest of the procedure painless.

In that first uncomfortable period, you’re going to feel needles in the back of your scalp, and as that medication goes in, you’re going to feel a little bit of a burn. As the numbing medication kicks in, you’re going to go totally numb and the rest of the morning, you’re not going to feel anything.

In the afternoon, we’re going to do a second series injections for numbing medication where we’re inserting the grafts. Again, you’re going to feel some pinpricks and some burning. It’ll be done in less than five minutes, and then you’ll be numb for the remainder of the day, hopefully.

So what is that, hopefully? Towards end of the day, your pain medication can wear off, and it’s important for you to tell us when that dull sensation of painless goes into more discrete and sharp because in about 20 minutes, that medication’s going to wear off, and we need to redose with another dose of medications, which you will not feel this time around to make the rest of the procedure painless.

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