Everyone’s growth is different but everybody gets good results.

Hair Cutting Specialist

Reality Check

Many people will see growth by 6 months, however, 12 months is more likely. There is no technique or magical potion that speeds up hair growth – believe us, we would be the first to have it.

Hair Growth Pre Procedure


This is one of our patients before his FUE procedure. All the hair on the top of his head is very thin and does not cover his scalp even when it is fully grown. 

One Month

You can still see most of the hairs we transferred at one month’s time. The treatment area looks like stubble with mild redness of the skin.

Hair Growth After One Month
Hair Growth After Three Months

Three Months

Most hairs have fallen out. Hair growth is a one-way cycle. Before hair grows back, it must shed. This is called telogen effluvium and this phase lasts 3-6 months. 

Six Months

We are starting to see growth of new hairs but they are few and thin. This is when good hair cuts can help blend your new hairs in.

Hair Growth After Six Months
Hair Growth After Nine Months

Nine Months

Even more hair has grown and it is also thicker. Notice how this patient’s hair cut perfectly blends his early results in with the rest of his hair.

Twelve Months

All your hairs have come in, however they can appear thin and curly. The hairs still have to grow to length.

Hair Growth After Twelve Months
Hair Growth After Nine Months

Eighteen Months

Your hair will thicken, straighten and appear more moisturized, however it still has to grow to the length you want it. Expect your hair to grow one inch a month.

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