How long until I see results after a hair replacement procedure?


Video Transcript

So you’re considering a hair transplant or you’ve already got one, and you’re wondering how much time it’s going to take to see your results. You read online that it takes anywhere from four months to two years, and that’s exactly true. Let’s talk through this process and why it could take such a fair amount time.

Right after your transplant, your hairs have gone to a little bit of shock from the procedure. They’re going to go into the resting phase and they’re going to stay here from anywhere from one to six months. In order to get back into the growth phase, these hairs have to shed. During that shedding phase, the hairs will fall out. You’ll likely notice them, and it may be a little scary, but it’s very normal. That phase itself can last another one to six months.

Once the hairs get back in the growth phase, you’re usually sitting around the four to 12-month mark after your procedure and you’re going to see little sprouts of hairs coming up. However, these hairs may not look absolutely normal. They may grow and fall out. They may come in thin. They may come in a little bit curly. However, eventually, the hairs will start to grow relatively normally. And also the first couple hairs that come out to full length are going to be a little dry and frizzy. That’s because the oil gland has not kicked in yet to make these hairs lubricated and smooth. Once the oil gland kicks in, these hairs become softer.

The big difference here is depending on what technology used to get the procedure. If you got a basic FUE, you can expect about 20% of your hairs to become smooth. If you got PUE, or pilosebaceous unit extraction, and we took the extra effort to transfer the oil gland with the follicle, you can rest assure that most of your hairs are turn out smooth and very natural-looking.

So there you have it. It’s going to take four months to two years to see your final result.

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