How long does a hair replacement procedure take?


Hair replacement is a beautiful thing. Not only can it change your appearance, but it’s also an excellent form of treatment for women and men who have lost their hair as a result of cancer or alopecia

If you’ve decided to go through with a hair replacement procedure, you’re probably wondering how long it will take and what to expect. This question can be one of the most important ones to answer before going ahead and making such a big decision. Understanding how much time it takes can help ease some of your anxieties about the upcoming process.

Hair Replacement Is an All-Day Affair at Northwestern Hair

First, it’s important to understand that while the time factor for your procedure can vary based on many factors, there’s really no good reason to rush your hair replacement procedure. In our office at Northwestern Hair, our team of professionals only works on one patient daily. This way, we can dedicate as much time as needed to your procedure without compromising the quality of our service.

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s a look at the key factors determining how long you can expect your procedure to take at Northwestern Hair.

The Number of Grafts You Have

The number of grafts is the most crucial factor in determining how long a hair replacement procedure will take. The greater the number of follicles that need to be transplanted, the longer it will take to complete your procedure.

For example, if you’re having 1000 grafts transplanted, you can expect your procedure to take between 4 to 8 hours before completion.  On the other hand, if your procedure requires twice as many grafts and requires something in the region of 4000 hair follicles for your procedure, then this could take anywhere between 8 and 12 hours. 

Overall, If you only need a small area of hair and don’t want to go too large, your procedure may take less time than someone who needs more grafts.

Your Transplant Procedure

The transplant procedure used will also affect how long it takes to complete your hair restoration procedure. With the FUE method, the doctor removes sections of donor hair from a strip and then transplants those into your scalp with a follicular unit extraction needle or suction machine. This method is faster, and you can expect your procedure to depend primarily on the number of grafts involved.

If we’re using our discrete FUE hair replacement technique, on the other hand, for your procedure, then the timeframe required will be a little longer than average. But, again, that’s because you won’t be getting a haircut in this case, and we’ll be working between the individual hair follicles to ensure we get the best final results possible that no one can detect.

Your Overall Health And Age

Your overall health and age also affect how long your hair replacement procedure will take. For example, if you’re elderly or have any severe medical conditions that could affect your healing process, the timing of your procedures could be affected by this too.

Suppose you have an underactive thyroid or other health concerns, such as diabetes or heart disease. In that case, we may recommend that you wait until these conditions improve before undergoing a hair transplant surgery.

Your Donor Hair Availability

The other major factor affecting how long a hair transplant procedure takes is whether enough donor hairs are available to perform the surgery. The procedure will take longer to complete if there aren’t enough donor hairs available to do your transplant.


In conclusion, hair replacement surgery is a big deal. If you’re serious about getting one, it’s going to take some time—but the end result will be well worth it. However, if you choose to go through with surgery and put your trust in a surgeon, your expectations must be realistic if you want the best possible outcome.

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