What are the devices and technologies used to perform hair transplants?

Video Transcript

There are a couple great technologies available to do a hair replacement procedure today and I want to take a couple minutes to review some of those with you. In the past, we used to have a handheld device with a cylindrical blade that we used to cut out hair. Afterwards, we would take a tweezer and pull out the hair from the scalp. Nowadays, we have some better technology to help us, starting with NeoGraft. In NeoGraft, we also use a cylindrical blade with a hand piece. However, it’s connected to suction so you don’t need to pick up the graft with a tweezer, which can prevent the hair track from getting crimped and leading to a kinky hair. SmartGraft was the next evolution from NeoGraft. Not only did it have the suction and the cylindrical bit so you don’t need to use a tweezer to remove the grafts, it also has a cooling chamber where the grafts go into directly after they’re extracted to keep them preserved during your procedure. And that was the evolution of our manual technologies.

Moving onto new robotic technologies. In ARTAS, it’s not a person collecting your grafts. It’s a robot that has artificial intelligence that collects grafts on its own and at some point, can insert the grafts themselves. In this technology, there’s a camera looking at the direction of your hairs which are coming out and using a punch directly to remove those grafts. However, because it’s not a human who can actually have a tactile sense of those hairs, those grafts tend to be large and the computer tends to be more invasive. So, there you have it. That’s a review of the current technologies available today. Your doctor will help you pick out which one’s right for you during your consultation.

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