What is procedure day like?

Video Transcript

Let’s walk through your hair transplant procedure day. What exactly happens? Number one, you’re going to show up at our clinic around eight o’clock in the morning and you’re going to expect to spend the full day here. We’re going to start with breakfast, as well as a haircut by a professional barber. Once you come up to the procedure room, you’re going to be laying flat on your stomach, and we’re going to start numbing up the back of your head we’ll be extracting the grafts from. For the next three to four hours, you’ll be in that position while our doctors work, taking out these cares very carefully to make sure they’re all going to be viable. Afterwards, you’re going to set up in your chair. We’re going to order some good lunch and relax for a little bit. The rest of the afternoon, you’ll be sitting that chair watching TV.

We’ll start again by numbing up the area we’re going to insert hairs into. Then we’re going to make insertion sites for your hair. We dedicate an entire step to this because we want to have every hair placed in the right direction with just a small amount of change between each one. After we make insertion sites, our team will insert your hairs into that area. And once they’re done, we’re going to apply a dressing. Before you go home, we’re going to give you all our supplies. You’re going to have our doctor’s number available to you 24/7 during your recovering phase. As you know, you’ll have 24 7 access to your doctors by cell.

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