What is a hair transplant procedure day like?

Wondering what your hair transplant procedure day at Northwestern Hair Transplant will be like? You are not alone. Your transplant procedure day at Northwestern Hair is a full-day affair. So we’ve created this article to give you a short and detailed overview of what a typical hair transplant day looks like at our Chicago clinic.

1. Meet the Team

Well, first things first. You’re going to show up at our Chicago clinic early in the morning, around 8 O’clock, for your procedure and will be spending the entire day with our staff and our unique team of hair replacement professionals.

We’re going to get you started with some breakfast and the n your haircut with a professional barber.

2. Coming Up to The Procedure Room

The hair transplant procedure usually takes four to eight hours, depending on how many grafts need to be transplanted to your scalp. Once you come up to the procedure room, you’ll be laying flat on your stomach while we start with the process of numbing the back of your head, where we’ll be extracting the grafts for your procedure. You’ll be in this position for the next few hours while our doctors work on taking out these hairs very carefully to make sure that each one is kept viable for the eventual transplant process.

3. Your First Break

You qualify for a well-deserved breather after this initial procedure. This stage is where you get set up and relax in your chair. We’ll order you some lunch at no extra charge to you, and you can enjoy your meal just as you’re relaxing a little bit before we resume your procedure again.

4. Preparing Your Insertion Sites

Here, we resume by numbing up the areas of your head where we’ll be inserting your hair grafts into. Once that’s completed, we’ll then proceed to make incision sites at the donor site in preparation for the hair transfer process. Our hair replacement specialists will focus mainly on this stage of your procedure. That’s because we want to have every hair placed in the right direction with just the perfect amount of change between each successive one.

5. Transferring Your Grafts to their new Home

Once the incisions are made, we will transfer your donor hair from the strip into its new host area and apply a dressing. This procedure is done by hand, one at a time, ensuring healthy growth at all times. The entire procedure usually takes between 6-8 hours, depending on how many grafts you need and how much hair you have available for transplantation.

6. Finishing Up After Your Procedure

Once the procedure is finished, we’ll make sure everything looks good and that no bleeding or infection occurs during or after surgery. We’ll also give you some instructions on how to care for your scalp over the next few days that will help speed up healing time and supplies to help with your hair maintenance and recovery process. Overall, we understand you may have additional questions or concerns after your procedure, so that you will have our doctor’s number available to you 24/7 during your recovery phase. That way, you’ll have real-time access to your doctors to help out with any help you need.


If you are sitting on the fence about doing a hair transplant with us, we hope that this article has made the procedure more transparent and you feel confident in your choice to move forward. So what are you still waiting for? Call our clinic today and book an appointment to restore your hairline into perfect shape.

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