Do I need a buzz cut to have a hair replacement procedure?


Video Transcript

When considering a hair transplant, a lot of people wonder what a buzz cut’s going to look like and whether they can avoid them. Well, there are several ways of camouflaging your hair collection site. I would say the most advanced method of this is our Discrete PUE. In Discrete PUE, we use a special blade that’s not a cylinder, but looks like a C shape. That allows it to cup around hairs and oscillate them out while gathering not only the follicle plus the oil gland. In that case, you don’t need a buzz cut. In fact, no one recognizes you really have the procedure the moment that you walk out of here.

However, there are other ways of camouflaging your procedure. If you have relatively long hair, we can actually just buzz little strips of hair and collect the hairs in that area. That allows your other hairs to drape over that spot. This is particularly important for women. However, with men with long hair, it’s also possible too.

Now, there is a third technique of hair camouflage known as tic tac toe. In this case, all we do is split the hairs. We find the one that we want to transfer, and we just cut it with a pair of scissors and just grab that individual hair. As you can imagine, this is a relatively tedious process. You can imagine there’s a limitation on the number of grafts you can get working in between hairs.

So if you’re considering a camouflage procedure, I would number one, go with a Discrete PUE because it gives you healthier natural hair without any haircut. In the case where you have long hair, we can just cut little strips and let your hair fold over. Lastly, we can do a tic tac toe method to make this procedure as concealed and discrete as possible.

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