Do I need a buzz cut to have a hair transplant procedure?

Buzz cuts remain a popular option for hair replacement procedures as it allows for proper and easier attachment of your hair follicles. However, the major downside is that you could look very different from before the procedure if you previously had fuller, longer hair.

Buzz cuts or not, our clinic is just the place to be if you’d rather have your hair replacement procedure done without shaving it off first. We’ve got several ways to help with camouflaging our client’s hair collection site at Northwestern Hair, one of which even you will barely notice at all.

Our No Buzz Cut Discrete FUE Method

Our advanced discrete FUE method fully eliminates the need for buzz cuts. That’s because we use a special C-shaped blade that allows us to cup around your hair follicles and oscillate them out individually. The procedure allows us to gather not only the hair follicles themselves but also the oil glands as well. Apart from the zero need for a buzz cut, this method is so non-invasive that no one will easily recognize you just had a procedure the moment our specialists are done with your hair.

The Strip Method

This method is a perfect way of camouflaging your procedure if you have relatively long hair. The process involves buzzing little strips of hair off your scalp and collecting the hairs in that area. Because the collection spots are very small, other hairs on your head simply drape over these spots for a more flawless result than you can manage with a full buzz cut. It’s a great option for women and possible for men with long hair.


This method is our third camouflage technique, and you could probably guess the idea from its name. In this case, all we do is split the hairs, find the ones that we want to transfer, and then cut them with scissors before transferring them to other sections where the replacement is needed. As you can imagine, however, this is a relatively tedious process as there’s a limit on the number of grafts you can get working in between hairs. However, if you don’t mind the extra procedure time, it’s also a good way to get your hair replacement done without needing a buzz cut.

Rounding Up

So if you’re considering a camouflage procedure, our number one recommendation would be our discrete FUE procedure because it gives you healthier, more natural hair without any haircut. If you have longer hair or want as concealed and discrete a look as possible, you can certainly sign up for either of our excellent Strip or Tic-Tac-Toe procedures.

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