Can you do a hair transplant if you have long hair?


What if you have long hair? Can you get a hair transplant? This is a great question – and I would say the answer is yes!

If you have long hair – you can be a candidate for a hair transplant. Many people with long hair have successfully undergone successful hair transplant procedures. However, there are a few things to consider if you fall into this category.

The Technology

One of the most significant factors determining if you can do a hair transplant with long hair is the technology used in the procedure. It is important to note that not all hair transplant facilities have advanced equipment and techniques to perform this procedure. It’s even more important when you consider that most transplant procedures require you to get a buzz cut, which is something you’d rather not have to do in this case. In our Chicago clinic at Northwestern Hair, however, we can perform the procedure with our unique discrete FUE method and get out each hair without disrupting others. This method offers an advantage because it keeps your procedure concealed after surgery.

Individual Hair Weight

While inserting the hairs into the new location, the hairs usually have to be cut down to a small size. The reason for this is practical and not based on any aesthetically related factor. Long hair, more often than not, will be much heavier, and that extra weight can cause your hair to eject out of the graft site. While we still can leave your hair longer than the average length during a procedure, remember that these hairs will eventually fall out within a month, making the effort of keeping them long just for this short period a much less appealing one in the end. Overall, the much improved and better results you get with much shorter hair during the transplant procedure are a much more attractive prospect instead.


And there you have it! After your procedure, your hair is just like the normal one before your hair loss episode began, and you can treat it any way you want. But, of course, it will eventually grow into your preferred length if that’s what you choose to do. While it is possible to get a hair transplant with long hair, there are some caveats that make long hair more difficult. And since the whole point of a hair transplant is to get thinning or balding areas covered as quickly and efficiently as possible, it makes sense that doctors have an interest in your ability to grow new hairs.

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