What is Micro FUE?

Video Transcript

Hello everybody. It’s Dr. Vinay from Northwestern Hair. In today’s video, I’m going to tell you exactly what Micro FUE is. Now Micro FUE stands for minimally invasive collection by reticular oscillation. That means that we’re using reticular isolation or vibration to collect the hairs. Micro FUE is therefore a different technology and a different technique to extract the hairs in a more healthier and more natural manner so we can improve your results.

Everything else about the FUE procedure from the before care to the aftercare to our team is otherwise exactly the same. But this one process of taking out the hairs can have major implications on the hairs’ look after they fully grow out. Remember in FUE, there is a sharp cylindrical blade that goes along the hair shaft, trying to get down to the follicle. This follicle is very small and at the very base where we cannot see it with our eyes. That sharp cylindrical blade will cut through anything in its path, and a lot of times, more than people probably admit, it can cut through the shaft and miss the follicle. In that case, that hair is not viable. It’s not useful.

In other instances, it can cut through the oil glands. Oil glands are meant to lubricate the hairs to keep them looking natural, shiny, and smooth after the implantation and growth process. So that sharp blade can actually sheer off important structures, including follicles and oil glands that can lead to your ultimate result.

The second part of FUE, after you use a sharp cylindrical blade, you have to use a tweezer to remove the hair. That little pinch to pull out the hairs actually cause a lot of force. You’ll actually kind of injure the tissues, injure the hair tract, injure the hair shaft, such that when you implant that hair back in, it may heal with a much tougher scar in your scalp that can lead the hair to be kinked, dry, frizzy later on.

In Micro FUE, we employ a technology, like we said, called minimally invasive collection by reticular oscillation. In that process, what we’re doing is using a smooth notch blade. This blade only has one very sharp edge where when it spins, it’s able to cut. However, when it’s done spinning, and it goes in a vibration mode, it no longer cuts. That means once we enter the skin, it can follow all the way down the hair shaft, down to the follicle without severing anything in its path. At the same time, it’s using suction to pull the hair out as we’re releasing it, which requires us to not use the tweezer and removes the hair in a much more natural fashion with the hair shaft intact, the follicle and the oil gland. It’s a much more healthier hair, which allows us to get much more natural results after the plantation process.

That’s really it. Micro FUE is an extraction technology. In order to make it work, we have to combine six technologies together to get the hair out in a safer, healthier manner.

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