Can people with curly have a hair replacement procedure? 

Video Transcript

So you have curly hair and you want to get a hair transplantation. You’re wondering how the procedure’s going to be different for you. For the most part your procedure’s going to be the same. From the before care to the aftercare, it’s all the same process. However, it’s the extraction of grafts that is different in people with curly hair versus straight hair. Sometimes not only does your hair have a curl on the top, but it can actually below the skin surface continue down with that curl. Remember when we do a hair transplantation, the main thing we’re going for is that follicle at the very bottom of the hair shaft and follicle. We need to transfer that follicle in order to get your hair to grow in its new location. If that hair is curved and we’re not paying attention, it can be transected during the collection process. In order to correct this, we can do one of a couple things.

Number one, we can use a smaller size bit that allows us to catch more area to ensure we get the follicle within the punch. Number two, we can use different technologies, technologies that use vibration and suction that will slowly pull that hair up without the shaft being cut so we can ensure that we get the fog that way.

However, I’d say the number one thing to make sure to look for when, if you have curly hair and gain transplantation is who your team is. You want to make sure that your team has worked with people with curly hair, especially African Americans. That person probably has 10 to 15 years experience or more performing transplants in your ethnic population, having done at least several hundred before you should be comfortable with them.

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