Can You Clone Hair?


Video Transcript

So a lot of people ask the question, whether your hair can be cloned, or if that’s going to be an option in the near future that you should wait for. Well, I can tell you that cloning of human tissue has been around for a long time and hair cloning is not there yet, but it is a promising a tool to tackle hair loss in the future.

So why is it difficult to clone a hair? Well, a hair is not just a single cell, like the cells on the top of your skin. Even with skin, we have tried to clone this for burn victims and had a difficult time. The hair is like its own mini organ or organelle. It has an oil gland. It has nerves. It has muscles. It has a follicle and a developing hair shaft. To actually create that structure in clone, in the laboratory right now, is just a little bit out of range.

However, what is happening today is hair banking, where we can extract a couple of your follicles, we can send them off to a company and have them stored. That means that maybe one day your hairs can be cloned and put back into your scalp. These type of things are happening in medicine right now, such as freezing your eggs or your sperm, what we do for reproductive health, and it seems like it’s becoming an option for your hair as well.

If you’re interested in having your hair follicles banked during your procedure, please let us know.

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