Can you get a Transplant Hair From Another Person?


Video Transcript

So a common question we get in our office is whether you can transplant hairs from one individual, whether a family member or a friend to yourself as part of your hair transplantation. The general answer is no, you cannot. Now a lot of people wonder how can we transplant kidneys and livers and hearts? That’s because the skin has a very unique quality to it and it’s what we call very antigenic, which means that the immune system responds to it with a great force. So you can’t take one hair out of an individual and move it onto the other.

There is one exception to this, and that’s the case of identical twins. There has been a report that’s been published in a medical journal of using hair transplantation from one twin to another. In this case, one of the twins had a skin hair condition that did not exist in the other. They used hairs from that individual and transferred over and it was successful. However, this is one of very few cases where you can transfer hairs between individuals.

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