Can you get a hair transplant using body hair?


One common question we frequently get at our clinic is whether you can use body hair for hair transplantation. The whole concept of hair transplantation is based on the premise that your body produces more hairs daily than your head can. This difference means that even if you have thinning hair, thousands of hairs on your body are ready and waiting to be transplanted onto your head.

So why not choose from this healthy body hair to clone new hairs for your own head?

Yes, transplanting body hair onto your head is technically feasible and is done relatively often. However, we do not recommend it as your first line of defense against hair loss. This reason is that your body hair has a much different quality and characteristic than the hairs on your head.

The Difference Between Scalp and Body Hair

Scalp hair grows in three different patterns: straight, wavy, or curly. Each pattern requires different care and maintenance to keep it looking healthy. If you want to use your scalp hair for transplantation, you need to take care of it properly so that it will look healthy when it is transplanted into the recipient area. You should also avoid using chemical-based shampoos or conditioners that could damage your scalp hair before transplantation. On the other hand, body hairs are much coarser than scalp hairs because they grow in a different pattern than scalp hairs; they grow outwards from the body instead of growing down from the scalp area as scalp hairs do. In addition, body hair, such as the axillary hairs or the hairs on your chest and leg, tends to be more curly and coarse. If you need to use your body hairs during your transplant process, you should only use them in the crown area of your head. This aspect is almost always where that added density is required, but it’s not visible to people looking at you in the face.

Planning Your Hair Transplant Procedure

One of the essential methods to ensure you resort to using body hair for your transplant procedure only when you have to is to plan your procedures well right from the get-go. During your very first transplantation, you should be mapping out and accounting for all the future procedures you expect to have. In the same vein, you should only transplant hairs that look natural to your scalp, whichever method is used, meaning they’re sourced from the back and sides of your head.

What To Expect At Northwestern Hair

At our chicago-based facility, we can move towards body hair for your transplant procedure at our clinic as a last resort. We do it in our clinic to ensure we cover as many hair transplant needs of our clients. However, it is essential to note that our specialist will not start with this as our primary option.

Final Thoughts

That’s all there is to it! While it might sound like something out of wishful thinking, it is more than possible to transplant body hair onto your head if you run into this situation. Just know that future applications for this radical move could include new treatments for hair loss and even skin regeneration.

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