Can You Transplant Your Body Hair Onto Your Head?


Video Transcript

So a very common question in our clinic is whether you can use body hair for hair transplantation. Now, the answer is technically this is feasible, it is done very often. However, we do not recommend it as your first line of defense against hair loss. The reason for that is that the body hair has a much different quality and characteristic than the hairs on your head. Your chest hairs, or your axilla hairs, your hairs on your leg, tend to be more curly and coarse. If you’re going to use your body hairs, it should be only used in your crown. Or that added density is needed, but it’s not visible to people looking at you in the face.

One of the key methods to not resorting to body hair for your hair restoration is to plan your procedures well. From your very first hair transplantation, you should be mapping out all the future procedures that you may have. And you should only transplant hairs that look natural to your scalp, meaning that they originate from the back and sides. As a last resort, we can move to those body hairs, we do in our clinic, but we do not start with that is our first option.

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