How active can you be after a hair replacement procedure?


Video Transcript

Let’s talk about activity after your hair transplantation and when it’s safe to do what. Now, when I say activity, this could mean your work, it could mean exercise, it could mean sexual activity, whatever have you. The general principles are what we’re going to cover today. So right after your procedure, for the first two days, you’re going to want to lay very low. The reason for this is your graphs are extremely fragile. Even a slight swipe across them with your hands or a towel can cause them to dislodge. So you don’t want to do anything that can hurt your grafts. At day two, it’s okay to go back to light activity, walking around the house and going outside, but nothing exertional. You don’t want to sweat, and you don’t want to strain.

At day five, you can start sweating, but you can’t strain. This means you can get on an elliptical, or you can get on the bike. As long as you’re not raising your blood pressure or your heart rate too high, you can sweat. Just don’t strain, which means don’t bear down. At day 10, you can sweat, and you can have mild strain. That means that you can pick up a light amount of weight. In general, if you can do 15 to 20 reps with that amount of weight without struggling, it’s probably light enough. At the three-week mark, you can actually sweat and strain pretty heavily. That means you can go back to CrossFit, boxing, what have you, competitive sports. Moving on from there, it’s relatively safe to do anything with your new hair.

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