How can I make my hair grow faster after a hair transplant?

Video Transcript

So, you had a transplant, or you’re considering one, and you’re wondering if there’s ways to make your hair grow faster after a transplant. Well, there’s nothing proven to make your hairs grow faster. However, there is some anecdotal evidence that’s been passed along for people who have quite a bit of experience, and that is using stimulatory agents to make your hairs quickly get into the growth phase faster and stay there.

Remember that after a transplantation, your hairs are going to go into a phase of shock. They’re going to go into a resting phase. In order to get back into their growth phase, they have to go through a shedding phase. That’s the shock loss phase.

Now, medications like Minoxidil can actually make this process go faster. Now, Minoxidil works by getting all the hairs into the growth phase and keeping there for a longer period of time. It’s a belief that if you use Minoxidil after your transplantation, that maybe it will help the hairs move into the growth phase faster, giving you results faster.

Lasers, caps, as well as in-office lasers like Sunetics, may also help your growth come back faster. Lasers work by stimulating the metabolism of your hairs. Remember, that your follicles are just below the skin’s surface and that a light can reach them. The particular wavelength of red light that’s used in these laser caps can excite the energy-producing organelles in your cells. This can rev up blood flow to the area and give your hair more nutrients to grow.

PFT is possibly another way to hasten hair growth. Remember, PFT uses your body’s own derived growth factors, where we inject them into your scalp, release them, allowing that area to heal faster.

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