How do you plan for multiple hair transplant procedures?


So you’re considering getting a hair transplant, and you heard that multiple procedures might be necessary. You’re wondering how these procedures are generally planned and when you should be considering them.

If you’re planning on having more than one hair transplant procedure to try and reach your hair loss goals, research is critical. While this might sound like a lot of work, it’s the best way to ensure you feel satisfied with your hair transplant results after the fact.

Not sure what your next steps should be? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s a look at how we approach the planning process at Northwestern Hair clinic.

Starting Out The Right Way

It’s very important to plan your multiple hair transplant procedures from the very first consultation. That’s because beyond delivering the quality results that help you spend more time at home after that first procedure, we also want to protect your future so you always look natural.

At Northwestern Hair clinic, we don’t always ask how many grafts you’ll need for a procedure but how many grafts you need to preserve. And due to the progressive nature of the hair loss process, simply rounding up with your first hair transplant procedure doesn’t mean the process will stop. In fact, without follow-up procedures, there’s a tendency for your hair to develop some unnatural looks eventually.

We rely on second, third, or even fourth procedures to correct any unnaturality you may have for this reason. The requirements of this multi-stage process vary from individual to individual and can require anything from a thousand to six thousand grafts. However, we’ll usually have this determined during your first procedure already, so you’ll know what to plan for in your next few procedures.

Timing Your Follow-Up Procedures Right

You should start out doing transplantations to adjust the areas of your hair worked on to make them more perfect only after your initial procedure is complete. This process could be anything from adding more density to improved fullness or working to getting your hairline more advanced. Whatever form the follow-up procedures take, the idea is simply to get it looking just the way you want it. At Northwestern Hair, we’re going to tell you how many grafts you should have during the first transplant procedure and how many you’ll need to preserve to ensure you don’t have any unnatural hair in the future. If you happen to have more grafts left or there is an improvement in future technologies in the industry, you can then do additional finesse procedures to get just what you want for your hair.


Hair transplants work, but they’re not magic. However, you can properly plan for your desired results by understanding your options and the potential costs and benefits involved. Doing this will also help ensure that you get the hair transplant you need without spending too much time away from home. Remember the hair loss process is progressive. Just because you get your first hair transplant procedure doesn’t mean your hair loss is going to stop. It’s going to progress. And when it does so, you might develop some unnaturality. Therefore, we like procedures two, three, maybe four to be there for us to correct any unnaturality you have. Whether that be 1,000 grafts to 6,000 grafts, during your first consultation, we should have a good impression of what that is so we can tell you what you should plan for in your next couple procedures. Only after your hair loss is complete should you start doing transplantations to adjust areas to make them perfect. That means adding more density or hiking forward the hairline, getting it just the way you want it. Therefore, during your first consultation, we’re going to tell you how many grafts you should have for that first procedure. We’re also going to tell you how many grafts you should preserve to make sure you don’t have any unnatural in the future. If you happen to have more grafts left or that technology improves, you can do lower finesse procedures in the future to get exactly what you want.

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