How effective is a hair transplantation?


Video Transcript

So, you’re considering your hair transplant, and you’re wondering how effective it is. I can honestly tell you that hair transplant is very effective, that the survival of hairs when they’re transferred from the back of your head to the top can range anywhere between 75 and 98% was actually pretty good. That means if you transfer a 1,000 hairs, at the minimum, you get 750 that survive. In some cases you can get 980. Obviously, the team that you work with, and their experience will determine what spectrum that you get. Now, remember that since this is a very effective procedure, it is also permanent. That you want to make sure you get the procedure done by experienced professional, such that, when the transfer does happen and it does work, that actually looks natural the rest of your life, because it is very, very hard to reverse.

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