How are receding and mature hairlines different?

Video Transcript

What’s the difference between a mature and receding hairline? Remember, as we age, it’s normal for a hairline to recede, and this recession can follow a path where it looks normal as you age, but it doesn’t look like you’re exhibiting hair loss. So what is that path? Well, starting in our teens, our hairlines start to recess. The center area can recess one to two centimeters, but the temples recess a little bit more such that we’ll get an M-shaped hairline, where we have a little recession in the temples in males, giving us a masculine look.

A receding hairline is a little bit different. In some sense, it can just be more excessive, recession of the hairline, such that receding more than two centimeters, or we’re starting to see the upper curvature of the forehead. However, it can also recess such that the temples become very pronounced or that the hair recession sneaks behind the hairline or into the mid scalp or into the crown. That is receding hairline that gives more of an impression of hair loss. So remember, there’s a fine balance between these two and it really, at the end of the day, comes down to, how do you feel like your hairline looks? Does it look like a normal mature aging hairline to yourself, or is it recession because it’s a little bit uneven and a little bit far back?

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