How long after a hair transplant does it take for hairs to become secure?


Video Transcript

So you had a hair transplant, or you’re considering getting one, and you’re wondering how long it takes your hairs to become secure. Well, from a practical experience, I would say your hairs become secure around five days; however, you probably want to be careful with them for about 10 to 14.

I had a hair transplant myself and just to experiment, every morning I got up and pulled one of my hairs out. By day five, it was very, very hard to pull the grafts out. However, that didn’t mean I couldn’t injure the grafts. If I hit my head, or a scratched, caused an abrasion, it’s very easy that graft could have been dislodged.

I would say at the 10-day mark, these hairs are pretty well seated, that they’re very hard to injure. Although they may seem secure at five days, that you should be cautious for the full 10 to 14.

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