When after a hair transplant do hair grafts become secure?

Your FUE procedure is finally over, and now you’re eager to get out of the house. However, one question keeps you wondering: how long before you don’t have to worry about hurting your freshly fixed hair?

Your recovery period is going to be different from that of anyone else. However, using our experience with our hundreds of successful hair transplants at Northwestern Hair as a guide, we’ll provide you with detailed information so you’ll know when to expect your hair growth to be fully secure after your transplant procedure.

The Timeline

From a practical experience, we would say the transplanted hairs become secure around 5 days from when you completed the procedure. However, you’ll ideally need to still be careful with them for up to two weeks to be safe. Whether you opted for the FUE procedure or any of our other special options, grafts can still be injured or dislodged in the early stages if you hit your head or cause an abrasion by scratching your scalp. We know this based on our experience with the many clients we’ve worked with so far. Some of our specialists did undertake the same procedures, and they also tested things out themselves to be sure. While our specialist doctors will ensure that the transplanted hairs are secure when they’re transferred, it’s best not to get too far ahead of yourself and assume that the hairs will remain firmly in place right away.

Rounding Up

Overall, if you’ve taken good care of your hair growth until the 10-day mark, these hairs should already be very well seated and will be generally hard to dislodge or injure. And although they may be secure as early as the fifth day after the procedure, you should still be cautious for the full 10 to 14-day period.

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