How many grafts do you need for your hair transplant?


Even with the cost, a hair transplant is a wonderful solution to the balding process. By removing good hair follicles from a non-balding area and planting them in a balding area, you can achieve that hair growth you desire. The only question that remains is, how many grafts will you need to get the results you want?

This question is a good question. We often get our clients when they consult us for hair transplantation procedures. However, there is no real way to tell how many grafts your procedure will require without meeting you in person. So let’s take a deeper look into the factors that determine how many grafts you’ll need.

The Coverage Area

The first factor that determines how many grafts your hair transplant procedure will require is the coverage area. This region is simply the area of your scalp that you want to cover with new hair follicles. If the area is relatively small and confined, you may get by with just a few hundred grafts. However, if it is more extensive and covers an area that requires more coverage, then you may need several thousand grafts.

Your Expectations

Another factor that can influence how many grafts are needed is your expectations. For example, if you’re particular about factors such as the density and thickness of your air, or the contrast between your hair and your skin, it might take more than a few hundred grafts to achieve this goal. On the other hand, if all you want is for someone else not to notice that some hair is missing from your scalp when they look at it, obtaining only a few hundred or fewer grafts could suffice while still saving you the extra cost.

Future Hair Loss and Maintenance Considerations

These two factors’ subtle and delayed nature makes them both considerations that not many people pay much attention to for their transplant procedure. A good example is the areas where you don’t see hair loss yet, but you’re at risk for hair loss in the future. While many people (including doctors) will focus on how many grafts you need for this procedure, it’s much more important to focus on how many grafts you need to maintain for the future instead. Also, keep in mind that hair loss is a progressive process, so there might be areas on your scalp with hairs already going through the miniaturization process that you just haven’t noticed yet. It’s, therefore, important to preserve enough hairs in the back of your head to graft those areas in the future to ensure that you don’t end up getting an unnatural result. These factors play a part in eventually determining how many grafts your hair transplant procedure will require. Therefore, when you consult us at Northwestern Hair, we pay special attention to each factor to help you decide the appropriate number of grafts for you. One of the most important things we do at our office is look at your hair underneath the microscope for any evidence of miniaturization in those spots and counting how many hairs you need to preserve.


Overall, the number of grafts you require will be based on the decision between the number of hair grafts you need and how many you’ll need to preserve. At Northwestern Hair, we can easily arrive at an answer that will give you the kind of hair transplant outcome you want as long as either one does not conflict with the other. But to do this, you’ll have to visit our office to find out.

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