What are the pros and cons of FUE hair replacement?


Video Transcript

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of FUE, Follicular Unit Extraction, the most common technique for hair replacement today. This is a tried-and-true procedure that’s been around for 20 years delivering great results.

Let’s talk about the pros. Number one, unlike FUT, the strip procedure, FUE does not have a linear scar across the back of your head. Instead, we use a small cylindrical blade to get out each hair shaft and each follicle individually, such that the scars are imperceptible. The procedure is relatively painless and heals pretty quick.

What about the cons of FUE? Well, number one, you can’t make too many holes in the back of the head, which really limits the number of grafts you can take to about 3000. Most clinics will actually perform about 2000 to 2400. In our office, we can get up to 4500.

The second con is actually relatively important. In FUE, use a cylindrical blade to get the follicle of the hair. However, a healthy hair is more than just a follicle. It’s a follicle plus a sebaceous gland. So in FUE, although you can transplant the follicle, the hairs can be dry and frizzy and may not look as natural as you like.

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