What are the risk of a hair restoration procedure?


Video Transcript

So you’re considering an FUE procedure and you’re wondering what can go wrong or what the complications possibly could be. It’s very important to consider this. I will start out by telling you that FUE is a very reliable procedure and the complications are very low. However, they can still happen.

During your procedure, you want to consider two things. So number one, during your procedure and mainly after, the risk of bleeding. Obviously, this is a procedure. We’re removing tissue, removing it around your scalp, and you are going to exhibit some bleeding. However, the risk for bleeding is the highest in the morning of the procedure. Remember, you’re going to be with us for three to four hours after that. So, we’re going to be able to monitor it.

After your procedure, we worry about infections. Luckily, the scalp has a very good blood supply that allows it to ward off infections. However, we do use an antibiotic after procedure just to decrease that risk and is well below 1%.

The third risk actually comes around the one-month mark of your procedure, and that is ingrown hairs. As we’re collecting hairs, sometimes we could clip off a follicle. That means that the follicle remains in the back of your head, but doesn’t have a good shaft to come out of your skin with.

It means it can curl up and it caused an ingrown hair. You can expect to probably have four to five of these. It is very rare to these to progress, to be in anything of significance. However, some people, that hair can become infected and develop an abscess and required to be drained. I would say that occurs in about one in 500 patients.

The last risk, which is probably the most important is your result. Remember, this is a permanent procedure and you want it done the right way. The professionals you work with and the technology you use will have a direct impact on how this will look for the rest of your life.

So, I would be concerned most about is how you’re going to look well after the procedure. You really need to look towards the professionals and the technology they’re using to ensure that you don’t get a complication that lasts forever.

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