What to consider for getting hair transplant for your crown.


You’d be surprised to find out that there are several things that you should consider when looking into getting hair replacement in your crown. Whether you’re an individual just looking to improve your self-image or talking to a surgeon about a hair transplant — these tips are sure to help.

What are some of the specific things you should be aware of when considering getting your hair transplant?

Your Crown Can Be Forgiving and Cost-Effective

One great thing about the crown is its forgiving and cost-effective nature. Also, unlike the temples, the crown area of your head isn’t directly in people’s visions. You’ll notice because they can’t exactly see your crown when someone’s looking directly at you.

Another good thing about getting your crown hair replacement done is that it works perfectly with multi-hair grafts, making them very cost-effective. During this procedure, the hairs at the back of your head are grouped into groups before being extracted and transplanted as a single unit.

Hair Grafting Procedure

The next thing about the crown grafting process is that patients can expect to get excellent results even with the multiple-hair grafting system. The hair will look natural with any type of hair graft, but you shouldn’t mix them with plugs, which are groupings of ten to twenty hairs.

Crown Nuances:

The nuance to the crown is most adequately represented in the future planning requirements for your procedure. Since the hair loss process is a progressive one, it’s something to plan for in the future.

Often you’ll notice the hair loss as a balding circular area. But, Ann, even after filling the area up, there’s still a chance for further hair loss, leading to the dreaded Halo effect.


What To Expect With an Appropriately Planned Hair Transplant Procedure

If you’ve signed up for your hair transplant procedure with us at Northwestern Hair, then the first tithings our technician will do is sprinkle hairs out on the corner. The process ensures that the hair loss remains invisible for several more years. Secondly, your surgeon will plan your hair transplant procedure so that you have enough hair left in the future to correct any unnaturality.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, these are just some of the many things to consider when getting a hair replacement for the crown area. While knowing about these things is helpful to those thinking about getting hair replacement, it is also necessary for people around them, especially those with whom they will be interacting regularly.

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