What are the specific things to consider when getting hair replacement in your crown?


Video Transcript

So you’re going to get a hair transplantation in the crown area and you’re wondering if there’s any specifics about the crown that you should consider. The great thing about the crown is that it can be very forgiving and it’s very cost effective. A forgiving sense, we mean that it’s not directly in people’s visions. When someone’s looking at you directly in the face, they can’t exactly see your crown. However, someone from the back side can see your crown, however, they’re probably not paying directly attention to it, especially once you get the coverage of hair.

Doing the crown is also very cost effective because we can use multi hair grafts. In the back of your head, hairs are grouped into different numbers. They can be a single hair, two hairs, three hairs, or four. In these groups, we extract them as a single unit during your procedure, and we can implant them.

The nice thing about the crown is that we can use double hair, triple hair and quadruple hair grafts, and they will look natural. Remember, even these four hair grafts are not considered plugs. Plugs are groupings of probably 10 to 20 hairs themselves. Laid down appropriately in the crown, you can get a lot of coverage from every graft, decreasing the cost of your procedure.

Now, the nuances to the crown are probably in its future planning. Remember that hair loss is a progressive process and that you want to plan for the future. In the back of your head, the crown may show an area of balding in a circle. After we fill that area, you might get further progression of hair loss, leading to a halo. An appropriately planned procedure will, number one, sprinkle hairs out to the corners such that that hair loss isn’t visible for several more years. The second part of that is that your surgeon will plan such that you always have enough hairs to donate in the future to correct any on unnaturality.

So there you have it. The crown is very forgiving. It makes for a very nice cost effective procedure, but it should still be planned appropriately.

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