What Is A Hair Graft?


Video Transcript

So you’re doing research on hair transplantation and you’re seeing the word graft. And you’re wondering what that is. The technical definition of a graft is a piece of tissue that you move from one part of the body, without its blood supply. Transplant into another part of its body, where the tissue is going to reintegrate with it and give it back its blood supply. However, relative to hair transplantation, a graft means a follicular unit. That is a group of hairs, whether it’s one hair, two hairs, three or four, that are kind clustered together into one spot. When we go in to get that follicular unit, either by FUE or another technology, we’re extracting that graft and implanting it into the new location.

Now, I’d like to tell you that this is much different than a plug. A plug was something that happened in the past and does happen in some clinics today, unfortunately. But a plug is when you take a large punch and you grab a large number of units and you transplant them as one, almost like taking a plant and moving it from one part of your head to another.

So a graft is just a name for a piece of tissue you move from one location to another. You’re expecting this location where it goes to reintegrate and reestablish its blood supply, such that it’s healthy. And in hair transplantation, a graph can be a collection of one, two, three, or four hairs, all of which serve different purposes during a transplantation.

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