What is scarring like after a hair transplation?


Video Transcript

So I want to talk to you about scarring and hair transplants and what you should really be considering. Now, a lot of people have heard FUT, follicular unit transplantation, or the strip procedure has more scarring than FUE, which is the procedure we take out individual follicles. And that is true to some sense.

In FUT, all the hairs are taken out against one line. Therefore, the scar is relatively dense and visible because it’s linear. In FUE, you still have scars, however they’re polka dots and spread all over the place, such that when you look at the back of someone’s head, you can’t really tell.

However, people are also considering how big are those FUE scars and does it really matter? Well, I can tell you whether you take out a .5 millimeter punch in the back of the head or a one millimeter punch in the back of the head, they’re all going to heal relatively imperceptively. However, those punch sizes can have other effects that you want to consider. However, if the punch is too big when collecting a hair, it can injure hairs nearby, leaning to alopecia, making those scars appear larger.

So there you have it. You have scarring in both FUT and FUE, and FUT it is more visible as lined up with a scar, and FUE you have these polka dots that can change in size. But what we’re really concerned about is the health of the hairs at the end of the day.

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