What is shock loss?


Video Transcript

So you’re considering a hair transplantation or already got one and you’re wondering about shock loss and what it is. Well, there’s two types of shock loss and I want to cover them both in this video. The first type of shock loss is the shock loss that your hairs, which were transplanted, exhibit. You were probably told that after your procedure your hairs were going to fall out, so why does this occur? Well, it’s a natural phenomenon, whenever your hairs go through stress, that they actually go into a resting phase. A lot of women will see this with pregnancy. A lot of people see this after post traumatic stress.

Now, the way the hair cycle is, it goes into three phases, it’s either in the growth phase, it’s in the resting phase or it’s being shed. Now, that cycle is a one way cycle. Hairs can only travel in one direction, growth, to resting, to shedding, growth, resting, shedding. Those resting hairs now want to go back to the growth phase. The only way to do so is to shed. Therefore, after you get a transplantation your hairs are going to go through shock. They’re going to go into a resting phase.

Eventually, they’re going to shed, usually within a couple days to a couple months, and then they’re going to go into a place where you don’t see them for another two to six months before they start growing. Now, interestingly, you also exhibit shock loss in your hairs where the hairs are implanted. Now, why is that? That’s because those hairs are also undergoing stress. Whenever we implant hairs into those locations, there’s inflammation all around. Some of those hairs may feel like the inflammation is too much and that they want to go into the resting phase.

Remember, in order to go back into their growth phase they have to shed so not only will you see shock loss due to the hairs that are transferred but your original hairs as well. Now, the good thing to note about this is that this shedding phase looks relatively natural, most people won’t pick up on it. You may notice because the hairs look thinner and that the hairs will start coming back in relatively at the same time, giving you your final result.

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