Who is an ideal candidate for a hair transplantation?


Video Transcript

Who’s the ideal candidate for a hair transplantation? The answer is pretty simple. It’s a male with testosterone related hair loss who has enough donor hairs to cover the area of hair loss. So what does this mean? Remember that testosterone causes the hairs to thin over time and that the hairs that have testosterone receptors are in the front and top of your head. The hairs on the back and side of your head don’t have testosterone receptors. So we can transfer them from the back and the sides to the top and expect you to have healthy hairs that will last a lifetime. So remember, hair loss doesn’t stop after a transplantation. It will continue to move such that your hairs get thinner and thinner over time. In order to make sure you have a natural result for the rest of your life, we need to have enough donor hairs. So, that’s the second criteria that we need. In your consultation, we need to determine that you’ll have enough donor hairs for the remainder of your life to give you a natural, long-lasting result.

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