Do you need maintenance treatments after sunetics?

Video Transcript

So you’re interested in your Sunetics Laser, and you’re wondering what the maintenance therapy is going to be and what you’re committing yourself towards.

Now, remember the active treatment phase of the Sunetics Laser is the first six months. That’s where, in the first three months, you’re going to be coming in twice a week and in the next three months, you’re going to be coming in once a week.

However, the maintenance phase is by definition indefinite. That’s where you could be coming in one to two times a month. Now they may seem like a lot, but if you’re getting hair treatments every month, that may work out for you. However, if that does not, there are other options to maintain your hair, specifically a LaserCap.

A LaserCap works just like the Sunetics laser, however, it’s lower powered. You’re going to use it more frequently at home, but you don’t have to come in frequently for your maintenance treatments.

There is a prescription medical version and then there is the non-prescription versions. If you’re doing maintenance, using a non-prescription version every day is just fine. However, using the prescription LaserCap, you don’t have to do it as frequently.

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