How can you style your hair after a hair transplant procedure?

Video Transcript

So you’re considering a hair transplant or you already got one, and you’re wondering how you can wear your hair after your hair transplant. Well, we have to split this answer down to two questions: the area where we took hairs from, your collection or donor site; and the areas we put hair into, where we put your new hairs.

In the area we put new hairs, after the six week mark, these hairs are relatively normal. You can cut them, you can color them, you can dry them, however you may be. However, remember that these hairs tend to fall out between months one and four and may take six months to 12 months to start going back into place. But once they do, you can treat them like normal hairs.

Now for the collection site. This is where we took hairs out of. Obviously, there’s going to be less density of hairs in that area. And the question is, how do you treat them with the haircut? If you had a normal density of hair to start with, and we only took less than 30%, you can rest assured that you’re probably not going to notice any decrease in density visually. However, if you shave your hair down significantly, down to a one or zero clipper guard or shorter, you might notice some of your scars. These scars are about the size of a tip of a pencil, and they just appear like little dots. They’re not really visible at a conversational distance, but once you get about a foot closer, you might be able to start noticing them.

So I usually tell our clients, if you can keep your hair in the back of your head at a two clipper guard or above, you’re probably never going to see any of the donor site. On the top where we put our hairs into, rest assured those hairs are totally natural. You can treat them exactly the way you would your other hairs.

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