How to treat sensitive spot after a FUE hair transplant.

Video Transcript

So you had a hair transplantation and you’re wondering why you’re feeling these little sparks of little zingers in the back of your head. Well, I had a hair transplantation. I had the same exact thing, just right about here, and it lasted about six to eight weeks. I just want to talk to you about where it is.

Remember during your transplantation procedure we extracted some hairs? During that process, we take a little bit of tissue out along with the hairs, such that the blood vessel new spot can grow into them. Well, in that area, you might have had a nerve and that nerve could have been cut. Now that nerve is going to regenerate, but while that nerve heals, it can be a little immature.

That means that normal stimulations can make you feel like you’re itching, stinging, burning, or all combination of others. So whenever you push on this little spot in your head and you feel that zinger, that is a nerve that’s trying to regenerate and eventually will. Once that tissue heals back in and nerves grow back into its normal location, that sensation should go away. Like I said, mine took about six to eight weeks.

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