Quick review of the best maintenance therapies

Video Transcript

So there you have it. We just reviewed all of our maintenance therapies. It’s really important to pick one that works for you, so I just want to do a quick review of all the ones we went over. Number one were our topical medications, minoxidil and finasteride. This was the most effective maintenance therapy we have, and the cheapest. Then we had laser caps. Laser caps were something that’s easy to use at home, 30 minutes three times a week, not as effective as the medication, but a great practical option. Then for people who really don’t mind coming into the office, or our female clients, PFT using your own natural growth factors as your maintenance therapy, again, four sessions back to back, six weeks apart, and then once every nine to 12 months afterwards. If any of those sound good to you, we’ll be prescribing them on your aftercare visit.

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