Should I go to Turkey for my hair replacement procedure?

Video Transcript

You’re considering a hair transplant, and you thought about Turkey and how much cost savings it offers you. And you’re wondering what that is. Now, I’ll tell you my answer in one or two ways, as a consumer, and then as a professional. As a consumer, Turkey is a very attractive option. The ability to get hair transplantation for less than a dollar a graft is pretty amazing. Now, I haven’t really calculated in the cost of traveling there, staying there, and the risk of having to go back for follow ups or what have you, but the procedure itself seems very attractive. I think that Turkey has a lot of experience, that the people who are doing this a lot of times are probably doing it very well, and they’re probably offering you a very good bargain for your procedure.

However, there are things that can go wrong in hair transplant. Very uncommonly, but can, such as an infection. An infection can wipe out all your grafts. And if it’s not treated that can occur within a matter of days. Remember you can’t get those graphs back. They’re removed from your scalp. They’re not going to grow in place, and it can also lead to further complications with your skin. My biggest worry about anyone going to Turkey from the US is just the continuity care you have with your doctor after your procedure. Remember Turkey is advertising in the US because it is a very good business for them. I, particularly as a physician would never want to treat someone overseas and not have the ability to help them if there was something that they needed.

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