Should I get PFT with my hair transplant?

Paying extra for additional PFT treatments isn’t really neccessary as your body naturally produces just enough PFT for what your hair needs to regrow in a healthy manner.

Platelet-Factor Therapy (PFT) is a popular treatment option for hair loss in men and women. The process has grown as a cheaper treatment alternative because it’s free of any surgical procedure. But should you really get PFT with a hair transplant?

Our quick answer is no. That’s because your body already stimulates a better and more natural production of this protein plasma during a typical hair transplant procedure, and an extra PFT procedure may simply not be worth the extra maintenance expense.

How is this possible? Well, let’s take a few steps back to understand the physiological process behind the production of platelet-factor in our body.

Platelet-Factor Therapy and Our Bodies

Remember, PFT stands for platelet-factor therapy, the cells in your blood that responds to injury sites on your body like deep cuts and surface bruises. These cells stop the bleeding process, but they’re also key to your body’s recovery.

These plasma cells release the growth factor that stimulates the coming together of your collagen, blood, and fat cells to start the healing process. Overall, our body’s healing and recovery would be much harder without these concentrates around to drive the process.

PFT Therapy Process for Hair Loss

In a PFT hair restoration process, the platelets are drawn from your blood, then concentrated and purified before being reinjected back into your scalp in the same area where the hair transplant would have been conducted.

The difference, however, is that a hair transplant procedure involves making multiple small slits at the site where the new hair is put transferred. As a result, the process leads to the stimulation of platelets around the procedure site and their activation in a more natural way than just getting an injection could.

What This Means for You

In our opinion, you probably don’t need a separate PFT procedure for your hair transplant process. At Northwestern Hair, we certainly don’t like to upsell PFTs when a client signs up for a hair transplant procedure with us. The procedure itself gives you a free and much better PFT than we could with an injection.

Final Thoughts

We certainly don’t think an additional PFT maintenance process is worth the extra money you incur on your hair transplant procedure. Rather we would recommend focusing the extra financial resource on getting more hairs or upgrading from an FUE to our special PUE hair transplant procedure instead.

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